About Me

Hi there! I’m Zach Barnard. Thank you so much for visiting my blog. I can’t begin to tell you how much pleasure keeping this blog has brought me and how much I look forward to keeping up with friends, family and people I don’t know at all (perhaps like you!) through the various subjects I explore here on my blog. I really hope you become interested enough in my “style” of blogging and interact with the blog itself to the point where you’ll consider following me through email updates. A link on my homepage will allow you to do so easily.

As for more about me. I’m currently a student at Boston University in Boston, Massachusetts, where I’m studying business and law in the undergraduate School of Management. I came to the university in September of 2009 from a high school in Savannah, Georgia. I spent eighteen years in the South, so I took the opportunity to study in a different part of the United States where I could experience and explore a different culture from my own. It has been one heck of an adventure!

I spent two years at Boston University before I took a gap year between my sophomore and junior years. I took off on my own and spent nearly a month in the United Kingdom, just over a week in Amsterdam, and nearly another month in Italy. I came back to the United States and then spent two weeks in the great state of Alaska. In the summers bookending my gap year, I worked as a counselor at a boy’s camp in the wilderness of New Hampshire.

One of the greatest things my father has ever instilled in me is the love of traveling. Over time, I’ve acquired a knack for finding places to visit that are “off the beaten track” and not in standard travel itineraries. For instance, when I visited Alaska, not only did I go in the winter, as opposed to the summer, but I stayed at a hostel in Salcha and visited North Pole, along with Fairbanks for a couple days. Doing things that people don’t normally do only adds to the excitement of an adventure for me, and I remember my time and money spent on that trip with much more fondly.

Christmas Lights the Soul is an opportunity for me to discover different parts of the world, different cultures and more about my own life. I know that discovering things for myself is one of the best ways to truly appreciate life. I hope that by sharing some of my realizations, explorations and adventures with you, perhaps I can help you come to better appreciate this incredible world that we all share. Thank you, once again, for visiting my blog. I really hope you enjoy your time on Christmas Lights the Soul!

Please leave a me a note, and I’d love to speak with you more about your visit to my blog! If you’re from Boston or from afar, let me know where you are! I’d love to start compiling a map of the places where everyone is from: our world is small and precious and we can learn much from appreciating places we may have never heard of before!

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