A Trusting Soul


Greetings from Boston! It’s certainly been a while since I last posted, but I’ve been wanting to get back into the blogosphere for some time now. I’ve decided to try my hand at some fictional writing… who knows if I have any skills whatsoever at creative writing, but it’s a personal blog, and I’ll give it a spin! I’d love to hear your thoughts. And no, I have no idea why I wrote what I wrote below… it came to me late one night while I was studying for my finance class midterm. Go figure!

It was ten minutes to midnight as Turner locked the door to his apartment, shut off the lights with a soft ‘click’, set his glass of water down beside his bed, and slipped between his sheets. He had come home from work several hours prior, exhausted from the day’s events. Needless to say, his efforts to maximize his company’s financial portfolio had been overwhelmingly successful, based entirely on a week’s worth of work and two final calculations he had made over fifteen years ago.

No one at the office had forgotten that week, and today, it had developed into the most profitable portfolio that his company had seen in over two hundred and forty years. As he recounted the financial impacts of his decisions in his head, he also reminded himself of the charitable and ethical outcomes. He would sleep very well this weekend.

Flashes of lightning pulsed through his blinds, and Turner relished the claps of thunder in the distance, the soft crescendo of rain drops beginning to echo throughout his bedroom.

He remembered a girl that he had once known quite well. They had been close friends in college, and he missed speaking to her on his birthday every year. She had always surprised him at school, bringing him an enormous cake in the middle of one of his classes to share with his friends. He had always appreciated that she would coordinate efforts with his professor to make sure he wasn’t entirely embarrassed.

He kept a card in his bedside table that she had written to him during their senior year. He didn’t even need to pull it out of the drawer, as he had read it every birthday thereafter.

Turner! It’s already that time of year, my man! I’m already another year older since I wrote you your last birthday card, but I think you’re just a year wiser. You teach me every day that new opportunities are waiting just around the corner. You give me perspective in life, and I cannot be more grateful. Here’s to you, my friend. May we be ever the wiser next year. – A.E.

“Life works in mysterious ways,” he thought to himself as he inched over to the cooler side of the bed. Four years had passed since her death, and each day was as painful as the last.

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