Amsterdam: Experiencing a Dutch Movie

In an effort to cheer myself up, I went to the movies! Intending to see a light hearted movie, I instead bought a ticket to the matinee of the new Dutch film Nova Zembla.

I had read somewhere that all films shown in Holland are shown in their original language, accompanied by subtitles in English. This is not true.

As I sat down, the previews, the opening credits, everything was in English! However, once the dialogue began, everything was in Dutch.

Watching a movie entirely in a foreign language without a clue as to what is being said is an awesome experience. I got the gist of the film, I think: a group of men who are complete idiots to try and accomplish something that is plainly irresponsible, all while one man who enlists to go on e voyage with them is in love with a woman back in Amsterdam. The men face the harsh winter, get trapped in the northern tundra, and several men die. Then it is brute force to see who is man enough to survive, make it home, and kiss the girl, while everyone claps.

But seriously. It was, in fact, a great movie. The music was good, the casting was excellent, and even though the story was a bit iffy, the history and the views of Amsterdam in the late 1500s was really cool. My suggestion? Watch it, with subtitles.

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