Fall Leaves of Oberlin

For the past couple of weeks, I have been taking care of Betsy Mook Reed at her apartment in Oberlin, Ohio. The oldest living member of the Reed family, Betsy is a testament to living a long and successful life. On her way to turning 95 next May, Betsy has lived many years full of experiences and memories, and it is an incredible honor to learn from and grow from one fantastic lady.

Oberlin, Ohio, home to the well-known college, is a beautiful little town. I mean little when I say it, too, because I can drive from one end of it to the other and back again before a five minute song on the radio is over. Oberlin has that special college-town-energy on every street. What’s more, the squares, streets, and yards of Oberlin are covered and lined with beautiful trees.

Over the past week, the trees have slowly caught fire, lighting the trees next to them, resulting in a brilliant shade of autumn that dances with the breeze. The sidewalks are covered, the cars are sprinkled, and the grass is laden with the vibrant hues.

How quickly this month has passed. How quickly time passes every day, every hour, every minute. The leaves of fall come and go without a thought, years pass us without a rest. Some day, our time will come to catch fire, transform into a blaze of color, and depart this world with beauty and grace. May we all have long and successful lives before that time, but just as importantly, may we all greet our fates with smiles and warmth, knowing we will exit this world with a bang.

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